YEAH! I’m so excited this day was a dream that came true!

To be recognized as an excisting company meant a lot!

I brought my partner with me to share this special moment, he took some pictures when I signed the contract. It was a great feeling and I wanted to say to everyone who said I couldn’t do it; I DID IT!

Unfortunately, really quick after that day I had to go to the hospital because I was still not doing well. It was as if something has taken away from you that you have worked on very hard. I was devastated. Would all those negative people be proven right, how am I supposed to run my own business when I am sick? I wanted to stop immediately, because everything went wrong at that moment. I hardly went to school, my health was not okay for almost 2 years back then and I just started my own company.

Offline, behind the scenes I still worked hard to make this happen.
I’m so glad I pushed through and didn’t give up, because I’m finally living my dream and that is to make people happy with the gifts that I make.

With love,

Unique Gifts